Nonprofit CEOs’ growing interest in social media

socialmediaThe fabric of social media is an ever-evolving tapestry in today’s technology. Ignoring social media would be a major mistake for any start-up or non-profit because the benefits of its reach are now essential to any business’s marketing strategy.

You can create a brand identity, reach people all over the world, and expand your influence through one tweet, one YouTube video, or one Facebook post. So, you would think CEOs (especially at nonprofits) would have long embraced this concept called social media. Whether LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform, CEOs need to recognize the power of social media. And, though many have done so with fan pages, friend pages, and corporate accounts, people have a greater expectation to know who the people are behind the company they support. People want to know what drives the company. Usually, the only time we pay attention to news from nonprofit CEOs is when they are falling from “grace”. And, so when you wear a title of CEO, you become the brand. Or vice versa, the brand becomes “you”. Having a social media presence can give you a lot of control in how the public perceives you.

Whichever is your take on the topic, CEOs have to take this role to the public to inspire and befriend it’s members, donors, and supporters, in order to gain trust. And, we all know, trust is a vital part of what drives funding for charities and nonprofits.

In a recent post on the Nonprofit Quarterly website, an article explores the recent and growing curiosity of CEOs, re-thinking and readying a social media presence online. I for one believe that the fear that many of our CEO’s experience is simply from a lack of understanding of do’s and don’ts and the purpose for their personal use. In most cases, CEOs tend to be older and share less online than this current generation. Today, people share everything online- where they ate, how the food looked in a photo, a quick review, and who they were with for dinner.

My personal take on the topic is that, CEO’s usually don’t and may not have the time to keep up with posting and uploading content to all of these different platforms but they should have a pulse online. They should know what’s happening in their respective industries, they should hear the concerns of their constituencies, and they should be able to have a loud enough voice for their publics to hear, not just in times of trouble and turmoil.

The link to the article online:

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