All ‘souled’ out…

preachers-of-la-620x402When I think of reality television, I think of crazy, unbalanced, egotistical and drama-filled people with contrasting personalities coming together and imploding in front of the camera. Yes, there have been a few positive reality shows on television. I just can’t name them. Recently, the Oxygen network approved the reality series, “Pastors of LA”. Oh, brother!

Perhaps you may have raised an eyebrow too. The reality show is about Los Angeles pastors and their parishioners, while featuring their personal lives and the lavish and extravagant lifestyles they live. Whether you agree with prosperity preachers or not, which is not what this particular blog is about, this sounds like a bad, bad idea.

The “chosen ones” of reality television who blow up become infamously, famous. People who watch these shows think they know you, personally. And, that may not necessarily be the case from the few moments they watch that are edited down into 37 minutes, without commercials. You open yourself up to this type of scrutiny, while allowing cameras to follow you around.

The pastors featured on this series are wealthy, with an unbelievable number of followers. Yet, that’s not enough? They are in seek of the fame and the spotlight. I just want to know what is this doing for the growth of the ministry they preach? It’s hard for me to write this blog without passing some sort of judgment. But, how can these men teach me to walk like Jesus when they themselves are seriously struggling with the desires of the world. Jesus couldn’t live like a king and be in touch with the common man, so how can they? Yikes, I went there.

I’m not against taking care of your Pastor, because if he is nourishing your spirit, he deserves your adoration and care. I just struggle with these egos that are out of control, the attitude, and the arrogance I see in these men. These personality flaws are not of God.

Is “Pastors of LA”, a disaster waiting to happen? The series premieres this October on Oxygen.

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