A heart to give


They say love is patient, love is kind, and love is unselfish.  What would you do for love?  I recently read an article about the story of one man who was willing to walk to the ends of the earth to save the life of his wife.  Wow!  It made me think to myself, that’s the love I want; to give and to receive.  With divorce on the spike, it seems unreal these days.

Larry Swilling, 78 learned that his wife’s only kidney was failing and decided to walk the streets in a sandwich sign to find his wife a matching donor.  Dressed up in a sandwich sign that requested kidney donations, he decided to walk as many miles as necessary to find his wife’s match.  On one day in particular, he walked up to 15 miles with bad knees to get the attention of someone willing to make a donation. 

He saw a lot of generosity on his walks, most in monetary donations which he refused.  He had only one mission, which was to find his wife’s match.  He did this until he got the attention of a journalist, who covered the story of his journey.  That’s when things really changed for him and hi search effort.  People became so moved by his story that people began calling to donate for his wife.  All of his efforts were the result of his efforts.  It’s truly remarkable what one person can do when they simply don’t know what to do and refuse to give up. 

Yes, this is a great story ending for one man.  But, this story put organ donation in the spotlight.  There are a lot of people in need of organs and who are struggling to find matches.  So, although this is a great human interest story to make us feel good.  It’s also about moving people to action.  And, who knows?  The efforts of this one man to save life, could have resulted in the salvation of several.

To learn about organ donation, visit: To learn about organ donation, visit: http://donatelife.net/understanding-donation/organ-donation/



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