NYC-based nonprofit provides surgery as an alternative to bullying

plastic-surgery-girlAnti-bullying campaigns have been on the lips of countless parents, politicians, and school administrators for some time. It seems down right impossible to avoid the chatter about bullying and our young people today. Bullying coupled with the internet has evolved into an even more beastly and grotesque animal with the ways young people are now being targeted.

In an article written by the Business Insider, the New York City-based nonprofit, Little Baby Face Foundation is granting free plastic surgery to children born with facial deformities in the U.S. and abroad. Of course this charity is necessary in correcting a key concern for parents without the financial means to afford this type of life-altering surgery. However, recently they have been receiving more applications from children who are being bullied for their looks.

Take a look at the interview on Dateline with Hoda Kotb below and share your thoughts. Would you give to a charity that grants plastic surgery to kids being bullied for their appearance? Or, does this give bullying more power than necessary?

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