INROADS offer students of diversity a doorway into greater possibilities

Undoubtedly, there is a college student somewhere that will graduate from college without the serious experiential learning to easily transition into a career. At INROADS, that’s not the case. INROADS has made a commitment to recruiting the best and the brightest young people of color for their corporate training program.

INROADS, a nonprofit organization founded in 1970 has provided opportunities for several generations of young people, some with the least ideal circumstances to launch a successful career for their future. INROADS

Nearly ten years after her graduation from Clark-Atlanta University, Nicole Dove is able to walk into a room and command attention. She’s poised, professional, polished and an alumnus of INROADS. Today, Dove serves as an internal auditor for ADP.

“Coming from an urban area, where few people had successful corporate careers, it was great to have the INROADS experience to help prepare me with the basics: relationship building, making the most of your time somewhere, making the most of first impressions, taking initiative. These same themes have been crucial in climbing up the corporate ladder and are reinforced by many successful people I’ve met along the way,” Dove said.

After attending the historic March on Washington in 1963 and hearing Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I Have A Dream” speech, Mr. Frank Carr felt compelled to do something that would impact the new society in which he planned to live. Carr, a white man with a thriving career in the corporate sector left his career behind and moved forward to create INROADS.

Today, INROADS has prepared countless students from diverse ethnic backgrounds for successful careers by pairing them with mentoring opportunities and invaluable internships. At INROADS, students gain an opportunity to put their theoretical experiences to work in the real world, while gaining essential soft skills and little known but necessary business cues.

Robert Youngblood, an INROADS manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region was also a student in INROADS and says he benefitted tremendously from the program. He said his position now gives him a greater understanding and respect for the managers he had when he was in the program.

“INROADS helped me to see a bigger vision. Without INROADS, I would not have been given the big picture to be an entrepreneur,” he said. As a manager, he’s able to empower and be a resource for students the way his managers were there for him.

Nicole also finds ways to give back to INROADS in her free time. She mentors a Rutgers University student and she is also available to conduct mock interviews, business attire workshops, and facilitate resume writing sessions.

“All these kids need is encouragement and a support network, to know that they are capable of being successful,” Youngblood said.

If you would like to learn more about INROADS, check them out online at:

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