Zimmerman Boxing Match Sparks Outrage

Trayvon Martin would have only been 19-years old yesterday had he lived to see his birthday. Instead, his life was cut fatally short, just shy of two years ago. And in today’s sad news, the public is talking about the man who took his life. We live in very troubling times.

George Zimmerman is to headline a celebrity boxing match with rapper, DMX. In today’s era of the 24/7 news cycle bad behavior is celebrated and rewarded. George Zimmerman is not a trained actor or musician. He is not a trained athlete. He took a young black man’s life. He is not a celebrity. He’s notorious and it’s important to know the difference between the two terms. He is a center piece of a high-profile court case resulting in his acquittal after murdering a 17 year-old black boy. He’s done nothing to distinguish himself as worthy of such a term, celebrity.

Now that we’re clear about terminology. Janet Dickerson, a woman outraged by the boxing match took to the web to express her disapproval by creating a petition on Change.org. She’s not alone in her reaction to the Zimmerman boxing match and has already collected over 50,000 signatures toward the 100,000 count goal.

“I thought it was a complete demonstration of disrespect to Trayvon’s parents, to Trayvon himself and to the many people who feel impacted by this injustice,” said to NewsOne. “It became clear that people were really outraged by this, so I thought that it would certainly be worthwhile to put up this petition. And I see on his Twitter feed that he is trying to create a DMXZIMMracialized event.”

Damon Feldman issued an apology to Phillymag.com. However, the match is still scheduled for March 15 on Pay-Per-View. Accrording to Think Progress, Zimmerman has been recorded as saying that some of the money will go to charity but has not mentioned a charity. What charity would publicly accept this donation and potentially risk long-term support?

It’s also important to say some reactions are mixed about this boxing match. Despite your take on this event, the public should really re-evaluate who they set up as idols and celebrities. DMX has not responded nor confirmed his participation in the boxing match.

If you would like to sign the petition, click here: http://goo.gl/RtngBY

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