Entertainment: School Daze 2.0?

SPIKELEEThis week, Spike Lee announced plans for production to the sequel of School Daze, a movie with a cult following that has lived well beyond its first generation. Some fans of the movie are excited while others express doubt that the movie could live up to the iconic success of its predecessor. The timing of this film couldn’t be more suitable as many black colleges are still entertaining questions about their relevance in today’s social landscape.

Attending college and graduating with a degree is a dream for many American youth who plan to achieve a level of success in their lifetime. However, college continues to be a luxury for many who can afford to pay the high-rising prices of tuition and fees. Since the beginning, black colleges have given the newly free black citizens a chance at achieving that dream. Today, many continue to educate first generation college graduates, yet are finding it hard to maintain enrollment and compete for America’s top black talent.

HUIn the news recently, Howard University announced publicly its own financial woes. Now with a new president at the reigns, they’re making some hard decisions and cutting staff to maintain the fiscal vitality of the university. But, if you know anything about Howard, you know it’s a university rich with proud and powerful alumni. No one should doubt that Howard can weather these trials. But, with new federal government restrictions on credit, Howard will have to change some things institutionally in order to stay out of the danger zone.

Another historically black college to watch is Morris Brown College in Atlanta. Morris Brown, formerly of the Atlanta University Center has lost it’s accreditation and has been operating on a wing and a prayer since 2002. The university’s alumni and the African Methodist Church have both committed themselves to the survival of the university. For over twelve years, the university has been able to stay afloat and has been a roller coaster ride for those who continue to keep up with the story. Currently, the university is seeking to sell off most of the university’s property in order to come out of the debt.

Spike definitely has an abundance of material to cover for his new film. It ought to be quite interesting because so much has changed over the last 25 years since the film’s making, including himself. In fact, many of the issues he hinted upon in the original film are more apparent today. Fraternity and sorority life have also evolved. As a storyteller, it would also be interesting to see an older wiser Lee’s take on this milestone step that many adolescents embark upon. In the original, he spoke the language of the generation which transcends. Can he still paint the picture the way young people want the story told? And, with greater challenges acting as a burden, can it remain hopeful and uplifting? Lee confirmed on Monday that a script was completed to Black&Sexy TV.

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