Passion meets purpose for Richmond party planners

After almost a decade of throwing grand parties in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and the District of Columbia, co-founders, Taya Jarman and Jeanice Stewart of Celebration Connections, an event-planning company based in Richmond, VA decided planning creative, customized parties were not enough.

“Some of the parties we’ve executed cost thousands of dollars,” Jarman said. “After the thrill of seeing it all coming together was gone, we felt empty because we knew there were many people who never get the opportunity to enjoy such pleasures.”

1377115_596816583707761_1191580405_nTaya explained the duo set out to find a way to give back to the less fortunate.
This year, Celebration Connections partnered with the Confetti Foundation to supply party starter kits to children who are spending their birthday in the hospital. Celebration Connections are ambassadors for the foundation called, ‘birthday fairies’.

“As ‘birthday fairies’ we deliver and create party boxes for children at the Children’s Hospital in Richmond,” Jarman said.
According to the Confetti Foundation’s website, “The foundation was started with the hope that families will be able to shift their focus from their child’s sickness for just 30 minutes and celebrate. Although the party is not a cure, it will be a welcome distraction and good reminder that every child deserves to be celebrated.”

“Confetti Foundation was looking for volunteers all over the country but no one had claimed Virginia,” Stewart said. “As a school teacher in the district, children are very important [to me]. I knew we had to find a way to combine our passion with a purpose – and this is it!”

Parents tending to their children at Richmond Children’s Hospital can now keep their focus on getting their children back to health thanks to the work of Celebration Connections and the Confetti Foundation. Planning a birthday party is now one less worry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services that Celebration Connections provide, visit them online at: Or, if you’re interested in becoming a ‘birthday fairy’ for the Confetti Foundation, visit them at:

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