Reality show follows sorority women

What do humanitarians: Eleanor Roosevelt,  Zora Neale Hurston and Betty Shabazz all have in common?  They have all held memberships in black Greek-letter sororities.  Early yesterday morning, I got a text from a friend with a link to a trailer for a new reality show, “Sorority Sisters”. 

For over a century, these organizations have quietly worked in the background for progress in the community.  Unfortunately, today many black fraternities and sororities have been given a bad reputation due to numerous hazing incidents. 

sorority-sistersSome say, a show like “Sorority Sisters” would be beneficial to make black sorority membership even more popular.  Others would argue, the show would be another reality show in bad taste. 

Do you think a reality show based around the lives of women in sororities would defame the legacy of the organizations? 

The trailer was immediately pulled from the internet yesterday afternoon.

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