Full Force’s Latest Project is full of Heart

10514661_10201607800671300_5018137130377853451_nTo imagine the last 30 years without Full Force’s impact on music would be unthinkable. The sound they created is a diverse fusion of hip hop, soul, latin and R&B that reserves at least one track on the soundtrack to your life.

Their latest project, “With Love From Our Friends” could easily be described as a family reunion on audio. This album is a musical collage of friends united in the name of love. It features the voices of actors and musicians like: Faith Evans, Regina Belle, Omari Hardwick, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Tevin Campbell and more.

“We have wonderful friends who came together on behalf of Full Force and myself to celebrate the love of music,” Paul Anthony said. “It’s real songs, real music, and real poetry.”

This album will also draw attention to a cause close to the group’s heart, cancer awareness. In 2006, one of the group’s members, Paul Anthony was diagnosed with a rare form, mantle cell lymphoma. Paul’s brother and group member, Lou (Bowlegged) was the donor match for a successful stem cell bone marrow transplant that helped restore his immune system. He’s now in remission.

EUR Web: “Bowlegged” Lou Writes about his Brother’s Stem Cell Transplant in Emotional Post

“It just fell in line with everything we’ve always done for each other. It’s just how we are,” he said. “We are just selfless as a family.”

Paul is paying it forward with his support for organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society and through his own initiative, The Paul Anthony Foundation. He encourages cancer patients dealing with the disease to stay positive.

“Surround yourself with the right energy and frequency of people,” he said. He also encourages people to be proactive with their health.

He quoted his website, ‘proactivation x integration = eradication.’ “Be proactive in your approach,” Paul said. ” You have to integrate a positive mindset and lifestyle (while dealing with the disease), integrated in all forms.”

The album’s lead track is a remake of one of their biggest hits, “All Cried Out” featuring Tisha Campbell-Martin. Tisha is one of the group’s oldest friends in the industry and was the first to come on board to record for the album.

“It was wonderful working with Tisha,” Paul said. “It was flowing- and she’s such a hard-worker; her range is definitely out of this world.”

YouTube: Full Force and Tisha Campbell-Martin Talks about “All Cried Out” on 107.5 WBLS

The album is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. It will be available for digital download on Monday, August 25. To learn more about Paul’s foundation, go to: The Paul Anthony Foundation.

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