Could Beyonce be the face of the feminist movement?

BeyonceRecently, in an essay for the Shriver Report, Beyoncé expressed her feelings on gender equality and what should be done to balance the wages between men and women.

Some are praising Beyoncé’s weigh in on the gender issue, while others are looking at her in curiosity. Why shouldn’t she be the face of feminism in the this decade of the twenty-first century? Wouldn’t you say she is championing the cause for feminism through her music which some say is empowering. Songs like Single Ladies, Run the World, and on the latest album, Flawless, she stands up for the power of women. However, one of her problems is that she is also viewed in a very polarized way, just the same. You either love Beyoncé or you love to hate her. And, herein lies the problem for women on who can represent them.

Even as I read through a lot of the articles about Beyoncé’s essay, in a few there were tones of doubt that Beyoncé could even write as an articulate, intellectual woman. Apparently, because of her looks, her lack of formalized education and her rise to celebrity status, some people are doubting the substantiality of what Beyoncé could mean to this movement of equal pay for women in the workplace. She definitely brings a spotlight to the issue. That is not a question.

Beyoncé penned the essay for Maria Shriver’s, The Shriver Report. According to The Shriver Reports website, it is “a multi-platform nonprofit media initiative led by Maria Shriver that seeks to modernize America’s relationship to women”.

If not Beyoncé, then who?

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